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Please read information below before attending an event 

About Paper Shredding

SWANCC partners with member communities to provide seasonal Document Destruction Events from April through October to all member community residents who have sensitive documents to destroy. Residents can bring up to six (6) file-size boxes or paper grocery bags of paper documents containing personal information such as; medical forms, bank statements, retired tax records, financial planning, or documents with personal information – address labels are not considered personal information. 

SWANCC is sponsoring twenty one-day docuemnt destruction events from April through October 2024. See dates and times below or on SWANCC's calendar.

2024 Master Event List

Only Residents of SWANCC member communities may participate in events. IDs will be checked and no business, school, or institutional documents will be accepted.

Please insure that your paper is free of "contamination" including batteries, electronics, medications, sharps, etc. that may pose a health and safety danger to those handling the paper documents. Lithium batteries can spark fires inside the paper truck as terminal ends come in contact with the metal shredder.  Also, contamination will lower the value of the paper when sold or, if there is a large amount of contamination, it will end up in the landfill.

When arriving at a Document Destruction event please have your ID ready and remain in your car. Workers will remove documents from vehicles and place them in carts. The carts will be emptied into the shredding truck where the documents are be cross-shredded. Paper that gets shredded at a SWANCC event will be transported to a Materials Recovery Facility, baled, sold to a paper mill, and be made into new paper and paper products. 

SWANCC's Reuse and Recycling Directory provides additional options for paper shredding.

If your paper is not prepared correctly, you will be turned away.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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