The Agency is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of one director and one or more alternate directors elected by each member municipality. Each member has one vote when appropriate at Board meetings, regardless of whether both the director and any alternates are present. The Board of Directors establishes general policies of the Agency, makes all appropriations, approves contracts for solid waste disposal and all Project Use Agreements, adopts resolutions providing for the issuance of bonds or notes by the Agency, adopts by-laws, rules, and regulations, and exercises these powers and duties as outlined in the Agency By-Laws or the Agency Agreement.

The Executive Committee of the Agency consists of seven members of the Board of Directors. Executive Committee members are elected by the Board. Each member of the Executive Committee is entitled to one vote on the Committee. The Executive Committee may take any action not specifically reserved to the Board of Directors by the Solid Waste and Management Act, the Agency Agreement, or the By-Laws.

The 2024 meeting schedule is available on the Calendar. If there is any change to dates and times of meetings or if meetings are cancelled, the Calendar will be updated. You may download the complete 2024 schedule here:  pdf 2024 Agency Meeting Dates (67 KB) .

The next Board of Directors meeting will be: September 11, 2024, 3:00PM at SWANCC Office
The next Executive Committee meeting will be: June 26, 2024, 11:30 AM at SWANCC Office

Those serving through April 30, 2024:

George Van Dusen, Mayor, Village of Skokie

Karen Darch, President, Village of Barrington

Secretary/Treasurer and Chair of the Executive Committee
Jon Sfondilis, Manager, Village of Wheeling

Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee
Randall Recklaus, Manager, Village of Arlington Heights

Village of Arlington Heights
Thomas W. Hayes, President, Director
Randall Recklaus, Manager, Alt. Director, Executive Committe Vice-Chair

Village of Barrington
Karen Darch, President, Director, Board of Directors Vice-Chair, Executive Committe Member
Todd Sholeen, Trustee, Alt. Director

Village of Buffalo Grove
Eric Smith, President, Director
Dane Bragg, Manager, Alt. Director

Village of Elk Grove Village
Craig Johnson, President, Director
Jeffery C. Franke, Alt. Director
Matthew Roan, Manager, Alt. Director, Executive Committe Member

City of Evanston
Daniel Bliss, Mayor, Director

Village of Glencoe
Phil Kiraly, Manager, Director
Howard Roin, President, Alt. Director

Village of Glenview
Matt Formica, Manager, Director, Executive Committe Member
Mary Cooper, Trustee, Alt. Director

Village of Hoffman Estates
Eric Palm, Manager, Director
William McLeod, President, Alt. Director
Anne Newell, Trustee, Alt. Director

Village of Inverness
Sam Trakas, Administrator, Alt. Director

Village of Kenilworth
Patrick Brennan, Manager, Director

Village of Lincolnwood
Jean Ikesoe-Halevi, Trustee, Director
Anne Marie Gaura, Manager, Alt. Director

Village of Morton Grove
John Thill, Trustee, Director, Executive Committe Member
Janine Witko, Trustee, Alt. Director
Ralph Czerwinski, Administator, Alt. Director

Village of Mount Prospect
Paul Hoefert, President, Director, Executive Committe Member
Terri Gens, Trustee, Alt. Director

Village of Niles
George D. Alpogianis, President, Director
John Jekot, Trustee, Alt.  Director
Joseph S. La Margo, Manager, Alt. Director

Village of Palatine
Reid Ottesen, Manager, Director 
Jim Schwantz, Mayor, Alt. Director

City of Park Ridge
Joseph Gilmore, Manager, Director
Marty Maloney, Mayor, Alt. Director

City of Prospect Heights
Joe Wade, Manager, Alt. Director

City of Rolling Meadows
Lara Sanoica, Mayor, Director
Rob Sabo, Manager, Alt Director

Village of Skokie
George Van Dusen, Mayor, Director, Board of Directors Chair
John Lockerby, Manager, Alt. Director

Village of South Barrington
Joseph Abbate, Trustee, Director

Village of Wheeling
Jon Sfondilis, Manager, Director, Executive Committe Chair
Patrick Horcher, President,  Alt. Director

Village of Wilmette
Michael Braiman, Manager, Director
Senta Plunkett, President, Alt. Director

Village of Winnetka
Christopher Rintz, President, Director
Robert Bahan, Manager, Alt. Director

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