Learn the dangers of "Wish-cycling"



Mary Allen, Recycling and Education Director at SWANCC, joined Bob Sirott to educate us about the way things are with recycling and the way we need to be moving for a more successful impact.

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Bob Sirott speaks with Mary S. Allen, Recycling and Education Director at Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC), about common mistakes people make when it comes to recycling, how things have changed due to COVID-19, and the General Curbside Recycling Guidelines.

For those interested, here are some General pdf Curbside Recycling Guidelines (2.43 MB) . We also encourage you to check out this video, 

Believe it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way recycling is gathered. For the health and safety of workers, people that are exhibiting COVID symptoms or have tested positive should “bag” and “tie” their recycling and throw away in the garbage until they are well. Never put gloves, masks or PPE in the recycling cart. You should bag and tie those and put in the garbage cart.

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The Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that provides all schools the tools to tackle the issue of wasted food. It identifies the main sources of wasted food in schools and, using the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy as a framework, offers strategies for:

  • Measuring food waste
  • Preventing food waste
  • Food recovery and redistribution
  • Composting food scraps
  • Education and engagement
  • Communicating and celebrating success.

Download Food Waste Reduction Toolkit for Illinois Schools


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