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Electronics Recycling

SWANCC offers weekly drop-off locations for electronics and one-day collection events.

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Document Destruction

The Agency continues to provide seasonal Document Destruction Events for residents.

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Drugs/Sharps Disposal

SWANCC provides weekly drop-off locations for unused pharmaceuticals and sharps.

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Chemical Disposal

The State sponsors collection facilities and one-day events for household chemical waste.

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News and Events

Illinois Recycling Task Force Submits Final Report On January 1, 2015 the Task Force on the Advancement of Material Recycling submitted their report to outgoing Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) and the 98th General Assembly. The 21-member task force, created... More detail
General Recycling Information General Recycling Information  When you choose to put recyclables into your recycling bin or cart instead of the garbage, they will be sorted, processed and made into new products. In most SWANCC communities, the following materials... More detail
Eco-Friendly Fashion Show Eco-Friendly Fashion Show SWANCC-area schools/groups can borrow SWANCC's Eco-Friendly Fashion Show for up to two weeks, with the exception of the month of April (one week only). Pick up Monday at 10 am and drop off Friday by... More detail
Trashy Fashion Project Trashy Fashion Project Trashy Fashion designers are asked to create 90% of their outfit made from materials that are destined for the landfill. The project criteria states that an outfit and three complimentary accessories must... More detail

Popular Resources

Waste Reduction Solutions Brochure Waste Reduction Solutions Brochure Recycling is important, not only to save energy and to conserve our natural resources, but to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Recycling can be beneficial to your school by cutting down on... More detail
Eco-Friendly Marketplace Eco-Friendly Marketplace Resources, Publications, ReuseApparel and Accessories Accessories, Clothing, Footwear, Special OccasionsAppliances and Electronics Resources, Related ProductsBaby Items Clothing, Diapers, Food, F... More detail
Community Awareness Flyer Community Awareness Flyer SWANCC provides many programs and resources to member residents. This document provides an at-a-glance look at what SWANCC has to offer as well as an overview of what materials go in the recycling bin... More detail

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