See behind the scenes at Homewood Disposal's recycling facility. Click HERE to watch the video.

On April 16, the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County's Recycling and Education Director Mary Allen joined John Williams to distinguish between a number of items that can and can’t be recycled. It’s not as simple as John and listeners think! 

Click HERE to listen.



(Elif Geris/WGN Radio)


Recycling containers should be placed next to a landfill container, similar to salt and pepper shakers.  This gives people an option to make a choice at the “point of pitch”.  Label each collection container with “acceptable” materials.  Don’t WishCycle – only put in “acceptable” materials that are empty and clean!  Print these signs to educate staff and students! 

Suggestions for Lunchroom or Caferiteria recycling containers:



Suggestions for Building or Office recycling containers:


Four examples of Compost Signs for collection containers.  Pick the one that is concurrent with your program.

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