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Goodwill Industries
1551 N Dryden Ave, Arlington Heights
(847) 670-7311
Drop-off only; no pickup service is available. Also accepts computer equipment and peripherals (including monitors), TVs
(working and non-working, no consoles), small appliances, musical instruments, clothing, furniture in good condition, home
d├ęcor, books and movies (DVD and VHS). No refrigerators or washers/dryers. No mattresses or box springs.
Not all Goodwill stores accept TVs. Please call before dropping off items to ascertain what items are being accepted.

Salvation Army
1035 E. Rand Rd, Arlington Heights
6715 W Dempster, Morton Grove
4335 Oakton, Skokie
Also accepts appliances in good working condition, bicycles, clothing, household goods, musical instruments (no pianos or
organs), books, working television sets (flat screens only), working computers and flat screen monitors (must be complete
units and less than 5 years old), and furniture in good condition (no rips, stains or pet hair). Not all stores accept all items
(e.g., TVs). Call (773) 477-1300 for questions about acceptable donations or to schedule bulk pickups.

Zealous Good
Connects people with items to donate with local charities that need them. Fill out form describing type of donation online.
Zealous Good emails donor about which charities need those items and provides dropoff information or pickup scheduling
directly with the charity.

Updated 10-24-18

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