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The easiest way to dispose of paint is to use it up completely by applying a second coat to your project or using it up on a piece of old cardboard or scrap wood. Empty paint cans may be recycled. Many local theatre groups, churches and housing authorities will accept leftover paint and put it to good use.

Latex Paint:
Latex paint is not accepted at Household Chemical Waste collections. It can be disposed of at home because it is a non-toxic, water-based paint. You can add an absorbent material such as shredded newspapers, kitty litter, sawdust, or waste paint hardener to your latex paint and let it dry out completely in a well-ventilated area and away from children and pets. Once it is dry, put the container in your regular garbage with the lid off.

If you are unable to dispose of your latex paint at home, contact the following:

Epaint Recycling Solutions
2420 E Oakton Street, Suite G, Arlington Heights
(847) 666-8351
Drop-off paint at Arlington Heights warehouse. Will pick up by appointment for amounts greater than 30 gallons. Accepts latex house paint, primers, sealers, and clear coating from both residents and commercial generators. No aerosols, solvents, oil-based paint, or products intended for non-architectural use. Also sells recycled paint.

Got Paint? PICKUP
(312) 882-7266
Will pickup latex paint for a fee. Residential: Houses/Town Homes, Condominium Buildings | Commercial. 
Schedule a paint pickup online at,, or by texting PaintPickup to 89800. Also donates recycled paint.
Supports Eco-Fundraising Events.

Oil Paint:
See Epaint Recycling Solutions listing above or permanent sites and one-day events for Household Chemical Waste disposal.

Lead-Based Paint:
In response to lead-based paint (LBP) concerns, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has prepared an information package which outlines those LBP removal approaches which IEPA recognizes as being consistent with protecting human health and the environment.

Updated 10-19-18

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