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Candy and Cookie Wrappers:
See website for details.

Whole Foods Market has partnered with Cork ReHarvest to collect and recycle some of the 13 billion natural corks
produced each year. Call individual store regarding participation.

Dairy Product Tubs:
See website for details.

Disposable Diaper Packaging (Huggies):
See website for details.

Drink Pouches:
See website for details.

Glue Containers:
See website for details.

Legal Issues:
IEPA Helpline
(888) 372-1996

Preserve "Gimme 5" Plastics:
Locations of bins for recycling #5 plastics (e.g., yogurt containers, hummus tubs) are provided:

Tape Dispensers and Cores:
See website for details.

Accepts medium sized vases which are used for bouquets delivered in the community. See website for details.

Water Filters:
Brita has partnered with Terracycle to recycle Brita products including water filters.

Writing Instruments:
See website for details.

Updated 10-11-18

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