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Art Supplies

Crazy Crayons, LLC
(952) 847-0455
Pack crayons securely when shipping to company. See website
for instructions and shipping information.

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange
Works with local and national businesses to source materials for teachers and non-profit organizations.

799 Roosevelt Rd, Bldg 2, Ste 108, Glen Ellyn
(630) 545-9710
See “Super Crayons” section on website. Sponsored by SCARCE (School and Community Assistance
for Recycling and Composting Education). Using donated broken crayons, volunteers create large crayons for children with special needs.
SCARCE also accepts any and all books in any condition.
Schools or organizations working with children in need are welcome to choose books free of charge.
See “Tools for Schools” section on website for a list of other items needed. Please call ahead for all donations.

The WasteShed
Collects reusable art and school materials that would otherwise be thrown away and makes them available to teachers, artists, and anyone who needs them at a low cost.

Updated 09-12-18


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