Earth Day Activities

  1. Interview a person 60 years or older. Find out what growing up as a child was like for them and how it is different from today, in terms of consumption, waste and waste reduction measures.
  2. Read a book about an environmental hero and write a review to share with classmates or read a book to younger students at your school.
  3. Organize an environmental parade using “people power”.
  4. Organize an environmental fair to highlight programs in your community. Make games out of reusable or recyclable materials.
  5. Organize a group to pick-up litter on the school grounds or in your neighborhood.
  6. Create a song, poem, bumper sticker, cartoon, public service announcement, etc., using the theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Buy Recycled.
  7. Even though reusable bags are preferred over paper and plastic bags, there is a once-a-year opportunity to educate others about the importance of taking care of our environment by decorating paper grocery bags. For more information, visit
  8. On a banner-size piece of paper, have individuals make a written pledge for one thing they can do to take care of our Earth on a daily basis. Display in a common area of the building.
  9. Keep track of the garbage you generate for a day – or a week. See SWANCC’s Garbage Challenge for details.
  10. Find paper that has only been used on one side to create note pads or journals.
  11. Collect fabric scraps and make a quilt – great club or community project. Also see Crafts From Trash for other art projects.
  12. How many words can you make from “ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS MONTH”?
  13. Write a letter to the editor of the community’s local newspaper to let them know about the waste reduction efforts your school is doing – invite them to come for a visit.
  14. Contact Village or City administrators to let them know what activities have been planned at your school for Earth Day week – invite them to attend.

Download the pdf Earth Day Activities .