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Trashy Fashion Show 2014

The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) showcased the eighth Trashy Fashion Show at Oakton Community College on Saturday, November 15, 2014. The creations this year are based off a personal "Solution to Pollution".

Special Thanks To:
Amy Senior, Videographer 
Thom Lodge, Photographer 
Teacher Sponsors 
Community Sponsors 
All of the Designers and Models 
SWANCC’s Board of Directors

Gothic Steampunk Recycled
Air Pollution
Stephanie FitzSimons, Designer
Grace Luczak, Model 


Sweeny Todd Revisited
Reducing Landfill
Stephanie FitzSimons, Designer/Model

Edwardian Elegance
Ground Water Contamination 
Sue Kennedy, Designer
Kathleen Luczak, Model


Tantalizing in Ties
Upcycling - Reusing
Laurie Roubitchek, Designer
Marisa Domian, Model
Mount Prospect

Material Girl
Recycling Building Materials
Laurie Roubitchek, Designer
Lizzie Nielsen, Model
Mount Prospect

Little Black Straw Dress
Plastic Pollution Awareness
Andrew Gonzalez, Designer
Sara Dym, Model

Rise and Shine
Land Pollution
Trisha Thomas, Designer/Model

Caps for Free
Reuse Caps from Bottles
Stefany Rusinque, Designer/Model

The Pink Amazon
World Life
Jasmiat Oyoloia, Designer
Kathia Tamayo, Model


Dynamic Duo
Air and Land Pollution
Michelle Przewonznik, Designer
Fabiana Mushe, Designer/Model


Air Pollution
Miriam Veliciu, Designer
Grace Ancateu, Designer/Model


Aqua Marine
Water Pollution
Nazifa Zahra Safdary, Designer
Monica Schoenfeldt, Model

Miray Koro, Designer/Model

Chic Doesn’t Have to Be “Slick”
Oil Spills 
Kathia Tamayo, Designer
Alex Tamayo, Model

A Summer in Arizona
Land Pollution
Liliann Odisho, Designer/Model


I Mean Business
Diabetes Awareness
Genevivie Kowalski, Designer/Model
Hoffman Estates


Country Curtains
Reusing Resources
Neela Gilbert, Designer/Model
Hoffman Estates


Ms. Bags B Gone
Plastic Pollution  
Kim Blackburn, Designer
Karen Borchert, Model


Jennie Atkinson, Designer
Madeline Atkinson, Model


Scrap Entertainment
Reduce Waste
Teresa and Katie Cartwright, Designers
Natalie Cartwright, Model


An Evening Alone on the Snowy Mountains
Air Pollution
Rachel Melnik, Designer
Ariel Shoffet, Model


Bright Sound
Noise Pollution 
Saba Patel, Designer/Model


What’s the News?
Land Pollution
Karla Barrientos, Designer/Model


Natures’ Groove
Gabby Younan, Designer/Model


Aluminum Can Recycling  
Inga Mazur, Designer/Model


Landfill Waste
Ariahn Hunt, Designer/Model


Ocean Blues
Water Pollution
Vianey Toscano, Designer
Shelly Her, Model


Far Out
Landfill Waste
Ennana Maikai, Designer/Model

Can You Dig It? 
Shira Elovic, Designer
Ariel Shoffet, Model


Painted Lady
Paint Recovery 
Rebecca Bora and Aly Ferry, Designers
Rachel Dever, Designer/Model


The Threat
Karen Rumps, Designer
Nicole Kim, Designer/Model


Ian Doering, Designer
Katrina Stadler, Model


Cotton - Did You Know?
Organic and Fair Trade Cotton
MaryAnne Enriquez, 


Don’t Feed the Bag Monster
Pollution Prevention
Kristen Newby, Designer
Karen Rumps, Model
Fremd High School




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