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Eco-Friendly Marketplace

Part of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is ReBuy. The Eco-Friendly Marketplace is a guide that raises awareness about the wide variety of products available to consumers made from recycled or sustainable materials that have less of an impact on the Earth’s resources.


The contents in the guide include:

  1. Why Buy Eco-Friendly?
  2. General Resources
    Resources, Publications, Reuse
  3. Apparel and Accessories
    Accessories, Clothing, Footwear, Special Occasions
  4. Appliances and Electronics
    Resources, Related Products
  5. Baby Items
    Clothing, Diapers, Food, Furniture
  6. Cleaning
    Resources, Products
  7. Energy Conservation
    Resources, Energy Related Products
  8. Fair Trade and Organic Goods
    Resources, Beverage, Clothing and Accessories, Food
  9. Fundraising
    Cell Phones, Fair Trade, Gardening, Light Bulbs, Lunchtime Items, Material Reclamation, Misc. Products, Paper, T-shirts
  10. Green Building
    Resources, Countertops, Flooring, Hardware, Walls
  11. Home Decor
    Bedding, Carpet, Decoration, Fabric, Furniture
  12. Home Reuse, Deconstruction and Salvage
  13. Outdoor
    Resources, Products, Supplies and Services
  14. Paper, Office Supplies and Furniture
    Furniture and Supplies, Office Paper, Cards
  15. Personal Care Resources, Books, Bath and Body, Cosmetics
  16. Pet Care Products
  17. Printing and Publishing
  18. Promotional Items
  19. Recycling Containers
  20. Reusable Bags and Waste-Free Lunch
  21. Transportation and Travel

Download the Eco-Friendly Marketplace guide.



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You are here: Home Resources Eco-Friendly Marketplace directory